Reduce Your Heating Bills With Our Convenient Off-Peak Programs

REA Energy has developed two convenient off-peak heating programs that could save money on your electric heating bills.  These two programs take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity and pass that savings on to participating members.


The Dual-Fuel Program

What is Dual-Fuel Electric Off-Peak Heat?

The Dual-Fuel Program uses the advantages of efficient and clean electric heat and an alternative heating system. This program is truly a hybrid heating system giving you the best of both worlds.  When the electric heat has a Demand Response (DR) switch installed so that it only operates during off-peak hours, the system becomes a Dual-Fuel Electric Off-Peak Heating System.

If you have already installed a furnace or heat stove to supplement your electric heating system, you may qualify for this program.

REA Energy is also permitting certain additional appliances to be connected to the Off-Peak service. These include air conditioners, water heaters, and clothes dryers. Individual appliances must be approved by REA Energy.

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Electric Thermal Storage Heating Program

ETS Order Form

What is Electric Thermal Storage Heat?

Electric Thermal Storage, or ETS, works like a thermos bottle by storing heat until it is needed. The ETS heater is charged (heated) with lower cost, Off-Peak electricity. It then releases its stored heat whenever needed to maintain the desired room temperature. ETS heaters are safe, clean, efficient and comfortable. They can be used to heat one or two rooms, or an entire house.

ETS heaters use special ceramic bricks with high heat retention characteristics to store heat. Conventional electric heating elements are used to produce the heat. When these heating elements are energized during Off-Peak times, they produce heat to warm the room during this period and store enough heat for use during the next peak period. A special electronic switch is placed on the member's Electric Heat meter. The DR switch interrupts the electricity to the ETS heating elements and any other electric heaters hooked to it, during peak usage periods.

How do I qualify for the reduced rate?

Any member who already has a separate electric heat meter can participate by simply installing a DR Switch and one or more ETS heaters for the ETS program. If a member does not already have a separate heat meter, they will need to have a separate service entrance installed so that the electricity used for heat can be tracked and billed at the Off-Peak rate. For rooms such as bathrooms, up to 2000 watts of existing electric heat can be placed on the uninterrupted appliance panel. The balance of electric heat must be connected through the interrupted heat panel so that the home's heating requirements do not add to REA Energy's peak demand.

A minimum of 5 kilowatts of ETS heat must be on each Off-Peak system. And, once connected, participants must stay on the Off-Peak system for at least 12 months.
A minimum of 10 kilowatts of electric heat and appliances must be on each Off-Peak system.

Also, you must have a permanently installed heating system, in addition to your electric heating system that is capable of heating your home or electric thermal storing heater(s). Qualifying systems may use any other fuel than electricity. REA Energy reserves the right to refuse this service to any member if it feels the best interest of the member and REA Energy would not be served.

How are Lower Off-Peak Rates Possible?

REA Energy pays for the electricity you use in two ways: Energy, or total kilowatt hours consumed, and Demand, the highest peak demand that is placed on the power supplier’s system. The DR switch stops the flow of electricity during peak times. Therefore, appliances connected to the heat meter do not add to peak demand charges, thus lowering REA Energy’s electric bill. The Off-Peak Rate, then, is based primarily on the energy portion of REA Energy’s wholesale power bill. This allows the Off-Peak Rate to be substantially lower than regular electric rates, making Off-Peak heat less expensive than many fossil fuel heating options. Ask a REA Energy representative for the latest Off-Peak Rates.

Will I be Cold During the Peak Periods?

You must rely on your non-electric heating source or properly sized ETS heaters to keep you warm during peak periods. You have probably been relying on this heating source even more in the past to be your main heat source.

If you leave home for extended periods in the heating season, the non-electric heating source must be fully automatic.  REA Energy does insist that participants and their contractors work closely with an REA Energy representative to ensure a system that will fit with our peak and Off-Peak periods and still maintain a comfortable home. The maximum interruptible periods will not total more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period.

What are Some Advantages of Electric Heat?

No chimney.

No fuel storage tanks.

No ashes, flame, or dust.

No need to call for home deliveries.

Just clean, convenient, safe electric heat.

With REA Energy Cooperative's Off-Peak Heating Program, members can cut their electric heating costs by up to 1/3!