REA Energy Cooperative Inc. is governed by a nine-member board of directors. As a member, you elect these directors to four-year terms. They are also members of the cooperative and reside in their respective districts. They are your voice in establishing the policies and procedures of your cooperative. For your convenience, we have a System Map in order to help you to determine the district in which you reside.

- REA Energy Cooperative Inc. President and CEO, Chad Carrick.

System Map

District 3

Michael Bertolino

District 8

Wayne Farabaugh
Vice Chairman

District 5

Bob Neese
Allegheny Director

District 9

Sandra Dill
Board Member

District 1

Tom Beresnyak
Board Member

District 7

Anthony Enciso
Board Member

District 6

John Learn
Board Member

District 2

Rick Shope
PREA Director

District 4

Thomas Aurandt
Board Member

Board Minutes

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