Welcome to Your New Bill mail
As part of REA Energy’s conversion to a new software system, we are able to add some exciting new options to have printed on your monthly bill, along with additional payment choices! Some of these changes have been highlighted.
Even though the bill format has changed, your rates have stayed the same. The kilowatt hour rates for all classes of customers are still the same as they have been since April 1991. The breakdown of the bill will show the cost at the net amount, but you will still receive the same discount for early payment or penalty for late payment. This sample of our new electric bill shows a residential rate.
*Please note that this is a draft and there may be other small enhancements.

1.    All account numbers will now have a three-digit number at the end of it. Ex. 1-23456-20-001. For members with multiple accounts you will now have one primary account number with sequential three-digit numbers at the end. Example: 1-23456-20-001, 1-23456-20-002.
2.    Your account summary shows the charges for the current month, along with previous charges and payments. Sales taxes and outside yard light charges are also shown if applicable. Your bill is shown based on the net amount, but by paying early you can take advantage of the discount rate which is shown at the bottom of the bill. In this section it will show the amount for Operation Round Up if you are signed up to have it automatically deducted.
3.    The envelopes that your monthly bill is sent in will look a little different. They will now show both the company name and address and your mailing address through windows in the envelope. There is also a check box to indicate any changes in contact information.
4.    If you choose to pay your bill by credit card there will now be a space available at the bottom of your bill stub to include your credit card number, expiration dates and CCV number that is found on the back of your credit card. We accept Mastercard, VISA and Discover. 
5.    Your bill will now include the address that your service is located at, in addition to your mailing address. If either address is different then what we have printed on the bill, there is an area on the back of the bill to make changes. You can also make changes to your contact phone number(s) and add an e-mail address if you choose.
NOTE: For any name or Company Name changes you must contact the cooperative.
6.    Your bill will include a graph of electric usage. This section features a table that compares the number of billing period days, daily usage (in kWh), and average kWh/day for the current billing month, last billing month and the same billing month last year. The energy bar graph in this section displays up to 12 months of usage history. 
7.    In addition to being able to pay by Cash, Check, Money Order and ACH Draft, members will soon have the option to pay by Auto Credit Card Draft, E-Check and online.
8.    The payment portion of your bill will still include the same information as the previous bill format with your meter and account numbers; discount, net and penalty rates all included. There is now a line for you to include a donation to Operation Round-Up if you choose.  




REA Energy Cooperative, Inc. has many convenient ways to pay your electric bill. Keeping our 24,000 consumers in mind, we have developed many methods for paying your bill.

Choose the method below that best fits your needs:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Credit Card (Additional Fees May Apply)
  • In-Office (Available at Both Locations, M-F, 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)
  • Night Drop Box (Available at Both Locations, 24 hours a day)
  • US Mail

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