Surge Protection

Surge Protection


MJ-90/HG4SSurge Protector
The HomeGuard Surge Protector prevents many surges from ever entering the home and provides the best defense for hardwired items like

dishwashers and security systems. Because it defends your home against most surges up to 70,000 amps, it protects against most surges

that occur outside your home. The unit is installed between your electric meter and your home.

Vortexx MSA Warranty

Member Price: $201.86


Square D/HEPD80
Square D Home Electronics Protective Devices (HEPDs) protect and provide surge suppression for important items that are not compatible with plug strips such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, heating

and air conditioning equipment, and lighting. The Square D™ Home Electronics Protective Device (HEPD80) is a compact surge suppressor designed

for residential load centers defending your home against surges up to 80,000 amps.

Member Price: $151.86Surge Protector

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