Outage Tips

Outage Tips

What You Should Do If An Outage Occurs


REA works hard to maintain lines and tree trimming, but sometimes situations occur that are beyond our control, such as the weather. By following the steps listed here, you will help REA get your power back on as quickly as possible:


1. Check your circuit breakers or fuses in your fuse box to make sure none are tripped or blown.

2. See if your neighbors have power.

3. Call REA Energy’s outage number at 724-463-7273 or 1-800-332-7273, and our automated phone system will automatically record your name, account number, location and the time you called in. If you choose to leave a message, stay on the line and your message will be recorded for our dispatcher’s use. With the outage reporting system it is not necessary to call the system and/or office phone multiple times.

4. If your power is restored and goes out again, call our office  again to report the problem. We may think that the problem was fixed the first time.

5. Most importantly, be patient. If the outage occurs during a storm, many people are trying to call at the same time. After reaching us, please don’t continue to call. We need the phone lines available to hear from everyone who has an outage.